Statement of Purpose

SOP is a very important document for the application purpose for application abroad. SOP is a brief and focused essay about one’s career or research goals, and is frequently used for admission in abroad universities. The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here.

Sample Format:

It is not just my confidence and progressive mind but also my excellent academic record and work experience that motivates me to go for MBA in finance. I was one of the best students in a reputed college and I had planned my career so well in advance that I started collecting all the information and requisites for pursuing MBA in a good institution.  In keeping with that, I chose my subjects of study in graduation. To comprehend the nuance of what I had learnt, I took up several jobs and responsibilities that now I am convinced that I am well wrought to seek admission for MBA in your esteemed institution.

I completed my graduation in a college where competition runs high, as many good students seek admission in this college. I enjoyed the three years which molded me into a positive, goal oriented, and enduring person. It provided me with an excellent opportunity to develop a sense of healthy competition and sportive spirit.  Now when I think in retrospective I am proud that I was exposed to group discussions, brain storming sessions, project writing, and computer education. I strongly believe that it is not mere hard work that takes one forward but a well planned work plan that takes one near the objective .I am glad that I enjoyed every moment of my learning. In fact it was a process of growing, an integral part of my life.

I realized the significance of good academic record but that never came in my way of realizing my creative and artistic interests. So, along with my regular studies I made time for participating in several competitions and won laurels. First prize in Poster Poetry Competition was the beginning which inspired me to go on to be the organizer of story writing competitions and ex tempore events. My teachers took notice of these achievements as I was in the first year of my college then. Second year is the time when I ventured into inter collegiate events and won second prize in writing verse. I was fascinated by a book on hand writing analysis and was an active participant in a workshop conducted thereafter.

I have a flair for languages. I scored 8.5 band in IELTS and I have done a certificate course in German. I am proficient in more than two Indian languages.

A happy mind ensconces in a healthy environment and I found great pleasure working on various projects under different heads. I have conducted audits for companies, trusts, Co-operative Housing Society, and Government Credit Co-operative Society. Generated balance sheet and P & L statements for business houses. My prowess in communication helped me to handle very efficiently formal correspondence with clients, industries, and individuals. Report writing is my forte. I have gained precious experience of handling statutory and internal audit and of assisting  in tax audits. My projects range from educational institutes like Swami Vivekananda Education Society, private companies like Medivision Informatics, Cristar Capital India, Global Saga Logistic India . I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of web designing for Flip India Pvt Ltd. At present I am employed as audit assistant with Mr. Abhijit Deshpande. I  handle project for asset verification, internal audits, and tax filing for companies and individuals.

Working in groups  has taught me the importance of team work and the necessity to develop inter personal skills. I have practically seen that the attitude of every individual contributes to the achievement of  the team. Managing finance is not alien to managing people. I am gregarious by nature and can easily take to people. I know where to draw  the line. I do not believe in uncalled for sacrifices. I am quite assertive but soft spoken.

I am not surprised at the rapid scale in which developments are taking place in the field of finance. It is obvious that finance is the pulse of every business  activity and hence plays an indispensable part. The need to upgrade oneself in this field is an eternal challenge. There are various avenues opening up and of course it is a promising and lucrative profession.

I have equipped myself with the essential knowledge, skills, information and experience to go ahead with MBA in finance and I am thankful to my parents who helped me to identify and recognize my talent and aptitude. The meaning of my name in Indian language is ‘dream’. I am proud of my parents who have instilled in me the fact that dream can become reality only with devotion and determination. My dream is to do MBA in your institution and I am prepared to put in earnest efforts to fulfill it.